aka rings


From $2,000.00

The OBsess Ring is a  combination of traditional diamond aesthetics and modern "aka jewellery" style. Two thin metal discs securely hold the diamond in an illusion of suspension.  The ring...

ORBIT 2/sided ring

From $700.00

  This double-sided silver & gold ring is a new addition to the Orbit collection. Hand engraved using special techniques and creating the illusion of motion. A finite expression of the circle's...

CONCORD² ear cuff / ring

From $220.00

Constructive ear-cuffs that need no piercing can be also worn as a ring, or even a nose ring. Hand made out of two rings and secured with pins. Looks impressive...

BETA¹ ring

From $250.00

BETA¹ ring is a unisex design that can be adjusted to the wearer's finger.  Measurements: 3mm wide, 0.5mm thick, comes with engraved "aka jewellery" logo and rings number  Smaller(S) ranges...

Triple geometrical ring CONCORD

Sold Out

  CONCORD is a dialogue between simplicity and design, adornment free of embellishment. With geometric shapes as a foundation, CONCORD is a concentrated aesthetic expression of these two forces, simple...