also known as jewellery

‘aka jewellery’ is a studio brand based on two concepts: - structure and functionality - most minimal details have a maximum function. The result is an immaculate modular design that is always challenging the wearer and the observer.

Ausra Bankauskaite is a Lithuanian-born designer and creator of “aka jewellery”. Drawing from her background in art jewelry and love for functional construction, Ausra designs unique, unisex pieces that encourage the wearer to express their individuality through creative play.
Using high quality craftsmanship and precious metals, Ausra creates modular pieces with various elements to mix and match for countless combinations.
Modern yet timeless pieces allow you to become a creator - enabling endless possibilities and no boundaries when it comes to expressing yourself. We invite you to explore and have fun with our work so that you can create the version of “aka jewellery” that fits your personal story.

Each aka design
is crafted by hand in studio in Brooklyn, NY,