unisex pieces designed to be matches and worn in various ways. Hand crafted perfection in metal.

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modular aka jewellery design

provides an interactive way to mix and match components into different combinations - giving people the opportunity to play around and create something special that expresses their individuality. No matter the age or sex.

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aka jewellery

[also known as] jewellery // Modular

Modern yet timeless pieces allow you to become a creator - enabling endless possibilities and no boundaries
when it comes to expressing yourself. We invite you to explore and have fun with our work so that you can
create the version of “aka jewellery” that fits your personal story.
Play and create new unique aka jewelry.

Custom aka JWLRY work

discover bespoke fine aka jewellery pieces

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To ensure slow/sustainable fashion model all jewelry is handmade in small Brooklyn studio with focus on quality and design. 

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Modular + Unisex + Pearls/silver

minimal parts to play with and make your own version of aka earrings

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In support to Ukraine we have created "Blue-Yellow" ear cuffs. All of it's sale profits will be donated to non-profit organization based in NY - Spilka. Slava Ukraini!

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aka jewellery


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